resistance prediction plugin for Rhino3D

planingRhino is an easy-to-use
Rhino 3D plugin for planing craft resistance prediction. 

With planingRhino you can estimate the performance of your new or existing planing hull design. either Geometry parameters can be extracted directly from hull 3D model or provided as user input.

Key features

  • Evaluate hull design up to ten (10) speeds
  • Estimate running trim angle
  • Estimate the aerodynamic resistance
  • Estimate bare hull resistance and total resistance
  • Define propulsion efficiency, resistance margin and estimate total required power
  • View graphs (speed vs running trim and speed vs resistance)
  • Export results in .cvs format for further process or reporting
  • Supports metric or imperial units
Parameter values can be extracted directly from 3D hull geometry.

Often the designer or naval architect is required to predict the performance of a new or existing design, sometimes at the earliest design stage or with few available data. Total speed at various load conditions, total engine power, or running trim angle at service speed, are properties needed for future design decisions such as final dimensions or further design optimization, scantlings, re-power options, etc. planingRhino uses the Savitsky‚Äôs method (with some modifications to include air resistance and resistance correction at semi-planing speeds) to provide quick answers to your performance related questions.

Resistance results in tabular and graphical presentation. Results can be exported to .cvs formatted files for further processing.

System requirements
planingRhino plugin requires Rhino3D ( version 5, 6 or 7 running on Microsoft Windows 10. Other versions may work but it has not been tested. planingRhino will not work with Mac versions of Rhino3D.

You can download an evaluation copy of planingRhino plugin at food4Rhino repository here.

Evaluation copies run for limited times. You can purchase a license here.

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